How Helpful is the FDA in Determining the Safety of our Food?

According to an article by Marygrace Taylor in Fox News Nutrition, it was unintentionally discovered that the FDA is not in charge of concluding whether or not an ingredient in your food is safe. This decision is left up to food manufactures. The FDA does have the power to question the safety of an ingredient, however, this is typically done after the general public has been exposed to or harmed by the ingredient.

The unsettling truth is that the food we eat may contain harmful ingredients that even the FDA is unaware of. The article states to check out the Center for Science in the Public Interest’s food additive database. While checking the database may be helpful, it is not convenient. Frankly, it is not fair for the public to have to be concerned with their packaged food purchases and it is nearly impossible for many of us to avoid packaged foods all together. Likewise, purchasing organic food is unpractical for many families on a tight budget. Is it right for grocery shopping to be a task that could potentially affect our health? The FDA needs to live up to their duty as our food monitors.