Outsmart Sneaky Marketers On Your Next Grocery Store Visit

Stepping into a grocery store, especially when you’re hungry, can really put a dent in your wallet. But did you know that the colors of food items have the ability to impact your shopping? They do! Here’s how you can outsmart the sneaky marketers who design your food packages:

According to the article, How Color Influences Your Grocery Shopping (And How to Outsmart It!) by thekitchn.com, becoming aware of the colors around you and knowing what each color means, will have you asking yourself why you’re truly buying a product.

Red is appetizing, yellow makes you happy, green is perceived as natural and healthy, orange satisfies and blue generates a good memory of the product.

According to the article, as many as 90% of grocery shoppers make impulse decisions to buy products based on their colors.

The next time you go grocery shopping, ask yourself if you’re shopping based on the color or the ingredients. This will help your health and wallet!


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