Eat Healthy, Be Healthy

Choosing healthy, wholesome foods over processed foods is a challenge that many of us deal with. After reading Maya Dangerfield’s article on nutrients that we could all benefit from having more of, it lead me to the realization that making healthier choices is vital to our health… And that it can also be fun!

Without having enough nutrients such as potassium, fiber and calcium, we run the risks of developing diet-related chronic diseases. These nutrients are found in delicious, every day whole foods.

Potassium is found in potatoes, bananas, spinach and beets. Fiber is found in oats, beans, lentils, whole wheat, brown rice, legumes and a variety of vegetables. Calcium is found in several types of greens and dairy products.  My suggestion? Shop wisely, looking for the whole foods of your preference and make eating your nutrients an exciting part of each day! Tip: you can search Pinterest for savory recipes of your favorite nutrient enriched foods! Happy eating!

Review Maya’s article here:


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